Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Spokes tour

Following on from that previous blog entry about the MSW tour (who, incidentally, look like they're coming back - or at least doing something, if their Twitter is anything to go by...), I thought I'd do another one for the next big tour we did. This one was about a year or so later, in 2009, to promote Arrivals. It was our first album, so we were quite keen to get out and play as much as possible. We knew Spokes after playing a couple of gigs with them in the past, so were delighted when they asked us to join them on a little jaunt around England again.

Musically we were pretty different, but we got on with them and had a very smashing time. We're still friends now, and although Spokes isn't going anymore, the rhythm section (Matt and Johnny) went on to form Pigs x7, and guitarist Liam went onto form Rainer Veil, so they've done pretty well in the end!

Getting everything ready in the satan front room.
Setting up in Sheffield.
Spent the night here, which was quite nice.

Newcastle. Think we weren't supposed to play here, but did anyway.

What 99% of a tour looks like.

Matt & Johnny are big Toon fans, so we slept under Alan's watchful eye.

Night off, so me and Sophie got hammered and went to party.

Matt (now vocalist for Pigs x7) enjoys a breakfast.


Setting up in Preston.

Matt (of Pigs x7 fame) in a fridge, in Leicester.

Newly minted Arrivals promo CDs on a table next to Ricardo Villalobos in Fabric, London.

Last night of the tour in Leeds. Nice mood lighting.

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