Saturday, January 4, 2020

satan live(s)

As it’s a brand new year (hope you all had a good one btw), I decided it’s about time I got my arse in gear and tried out this whole 'playing live by yourself' thing. It’s been a tough 6 months since the band became just myself, I’m not gonna lie, and at the heart of that was the realisation that the satan live set would never see the light of day again. We prided ourselves on offering something that a lot of live electronica didn’t do much of: energy, volume, atmosphere. We never wanted it to be just 2 dudes hunched over laptops, pressing buttons, so we spent a good 13 years wilding out on stage and trying to make it as interesting as humanely possible. 

Now the band is just me, I’ve obviously had to think again about how to present satan music live - I can’t wild out much, as I’ll have to do both aspects of the band now: the guitar and the electronics. But, over the past few months I’ve been working on a new set, and it’s something that I hope will continue to grow into something a lot bigger and better, but for the moment I’m really happy with where it all is. So, with that in mind, when my buddy Tom from Good Weather For An Airstrike asked where’s best to play in Bradford, I immediately told him to come to Fuse Art Space. So he did, and what’s more, I agreed to come try out this new live set thing to support him. It’ll be a little warm up show, hopefully in preparation for a full UK tour later this year, so if you like seeing me very gingerly push buttons and hit bum notes, please grab a ticket and show some love.

The gig is happening on April 4th (that’s a Saturday, so no excuse!) and it’s at Fuse in Bradford - it’s at the top of town, near North Parade and literally a 5 minute walk from Forster Square station. 

See you all there :)

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