Tuesday, July 27, 2021


I discovered over the weekend that there was a conversation going on about royalty money and stuff, via a FB messenger group I was once in. I didn't get any of the messages, as I deactivated my account about 2 years ago now, and very rarely update the satan page on there.

It reminded me that although my personal FB page is dead, apparently my messenger isn't - so please, and this is mostly to people who've messaged me before I binned off my profile, please don't message me on there. I don't check it, I haven't logged into it for a good 2 years, and I'm on practically every other social media platform going (although mainly twitter these days) - although if truth be told, I do like a good email, so please use email. Facebook is genuinely the least appealing social media platform to update as a band, which is probably the main reason I decided to give up on it. Not that any others are perfect, but I resent having to pay to reach people who've expressed an interest in the band, especially when Bandcamp does an email to all your fans for free.

So yes, fuck that.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

T-shirts! Live album!

Two quick bits here, but just in case you don't follow me on either Bandcamp or twitter (erm, get on it here: https://worriedaboutsatan.bandcamp.com/follow_me & https://twitter.com/teamsatan) there were two big developments yesterday...

First off, after about 5 million years, the 'rings' shirt is back in stock. The band has only had a few shirt designs over the years - there've been trees, album artwork, and a modernist logo type thing, but the one that everyone always wants re-pressing, and by far the most synonymous with the band itself is the 'rings' one. It was designed way back in something like 2009 by my buddy Cameron Steward. He did the art for EP02, and a few flyers for the band back in the day, including that amazing one for the Ólafur Arnalds show we put on in 2008 that went down in Leeds legend.

Anyway, the rings are back, and you can go buy one here:


Stock is pretty low as over half have already gone! (fantastic effort there though, guys- nice one!)

On top of that, I also smartened up the audio from my live show I've been slowly uploading one piece at a time over on my youtube channel, and put it on Bandcamp. It was really easy to record, and despite a few fluctuations in volume (looking at you, Butterfly Effect), it came out pretty nicely! It's straight from the desk, so nothing is on there that I didn't do on the video. 

A few of you asked for the audio, so thought I'd oblige! It's pay-what-you-want, and it's here:

Oh, and you can watch the entire thing here too:


Friday, July 9, 2021

Ghosting Season

I've often wondered what to do with the Ghosting Season thing. It stopped being a functioning outfit back in 2014, shortly before the release of the I'm Not/ The Next Round single. Looking back, it's pretty mad to think it was only ever around for 3 years, but bloody hell we did some pretty amazing stuff in those: toured Europe, supported Apparat, went to SXSW in Austin... even played an Umbro corporate gig, which looking back, was perhaps the funniest thing I've done as a musician. Absolutely loved it:

Anyway, as I'm defacto in charge of all this stuff now, I thought GS was overdue a little overhaul on various places. I got myself added to sort out the Spotify profile, which I have done now. I even added a little 'choice cuts' playlist, just in case you satan fans were unaware of the Season material/ remixes, and needed a bit of catching up. That's here:

Also, it felt a little silly charging for stuff from a dead band, and especially since I seemingly put an album out a week, so if you head to the GS bandcamp, everything is now on a pay-what-you-want. So you can fill your boots with our limited discography with no guilty conscience. Head to the GS Bandcamp here. I also added the superb Luke Abbott remix to the Muffled Sound of Voices single, as for some reason it wasn't there, despite being a career highlight, Season/ satan/ solo included! I know it wasn't on the vinyl release, which was also a bit weird, as it was the only remix people wanted on the 12". Oh well. Labels, eh? 

Monday, July 5, 2021

Live 2021

Today I uploaded the last of the Live 2021 videos. It's a fifteen minute behemoth, a re-do of 2007's live favourite The Butterfly Effect. That used to have big, chunky guitars, riffing out as the pinnacle of the satan set - all glitchy drums and huge crescendos. I've calmed it down a bit these days, but still tried to maintain that 'big' energy that it used to have - it's fucking fast too, so it's hard to not give it an epic feel.

As you can see in the video, I'm desperately trying to hold on, doing the bassline, drums, guitar and a bit of synth too - I hope I got it right, it sounds pretty good to me. It's a tough one to do, considering the others all have a similar pattern with how to put them all together.

Anyway, here's the full set - all 5 tracks in one handy playlist on Youtube, sequenced as I would've played them had I been on tour, playing them in venues:


I've really enjoyed putting these up, and had a lot of fun recording the set. I really hope I can play it sometime soon. I'll maybe put up the recordings as a live album on my Bandcamp too, just so you can all listen to my infernal noodlings on the go.