Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MSW tour

Back in May 2008, we did a tour with fellow post-rockers Maybeshewill. It was only five dates, around some particularly random English towns, but it was good fun anyway. It was our first ever tour, even though we'd been playing pretty regularly up until that point, but we'd never managed to stray too far from Leeds.

Anyway, here's a dive back into the vault for some satan memories:

The satan live setup in Newcastle
The perils of having to park vans in the UK

The Vic Inn, Derby. That's the toilet there on the right, just next to the stage. 

Jim from MSW discovers Drum n Bass after a gig in Sheffield

Loading in, probably in Leicester
Still getting the hang of this 'violin bow' thing in Leeds.

Me, most probably forgetting to switch a pedal on or something.
John MSW's makeshift pedal board.
Andy (L) and Robin (R) during soundcheck in Leeds.
What backstage actually looks like, Birmingham.
Merch on the table, probably in Sheffield?
The customary end-of-tour picture, Newcastle.

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