Monday, September 28, 2020


 It's out now on really lovely transparent ice blue 12" and digital download.

If you're after the vinyl and you're not in the states, please save yourself some delivery cash and head to Juno to pick it up here:

Oh, and I did a little interview about the whole thing with Past Inside The Present here.

Anyway, enjoy!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Not-on-Spotify special mix

Every month, I do a spotify playlist called Now Playing. It's a mix of stuff I'm listening to at the moment, or stone cold classics that I also enjoy in some way.

Anyway, sometimes tunes I'd like to add aren't on Spotters, so I thought I'd bang them all together and make a little mix out of them. So, here you go - perfect to get through you a Monday:

Here's the tracklisting, as I hate it when mixes don't include one: 

1. Felix - What I Learned From TV (1st release version)
2. Broadcast - Colour Me In (demo)
3. KMRU - Saal
4. Hotel Neon - Relic 3
5. HTRK - Love Is Distraction (version)
6. Happenstance - Knackered Tabernackle
7. Clickits - Lilophone
8. dEUS - Nine Threads (demo)
9. The Creatures - Prettiest Thing
10. Broadcast - Lights Out (Black Session version)
11. FRKTL - Gestalt Approach
12. Dialect - Sitting In More Than One Chair
13. Radiohead - Lift (Minidisc version)
14. dEUS - Worried About Satan
15. Sonic Youth - Simpsons Theme
16. Andrew DR Abbott - Heaton Wild Woods
17. Harvey Danger - Wrecking Ball
18. Broadcast - Tears In The Typing Pool (demo)

Friday, September 4, 2020

The Vault

 Hi all,

As you might be aware, it’s Bandcamp Friday today - the day where Bandcamp very kindly waives it’s fees, so that bands and artists can make a little bit more cash.

To celebrate this in the past, I’ve done sales ranging from ‘banging up loads of old merch I was saving for tour’, to ‘slamming everything down to a quid’, but for today I thought I’d hit you with something a little more special.

You might’ve heard me going on about The Vault fairly recently, which was a near-mythical folder of tons of unreleased satan stuff, made from 2016-2019. It used to contain about 20 or so tracks, but after 3 years of releases, it’s been whittled down somewhat since then.

Well, I thought what better way to draw a line under the past than to think ‘sod it, I’ll just release what’s left of it’, and what better time than now to do it.

So, here you go - 4 tracks, 30 or so minutes, all lovingly mastered by Kris Ilic (aka Lowering)

The Vault.