Friday, April 29, 2022

Celebrity Bloodsport

Today's the day! 

Thought I'd better put out this remix album of stuff from Bloodsport sooner rather than later, so here you go! 12 remixes - 10 by different remixers, and 2 by me. ENJOY.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Track breakdown: Bis Ich Komme

If you've ever wondered what a worriedaboutsatan ableton session looks like, then wonder no more! I've done a little breakdown thing on Bis Ich Komme, the second track off Bloodsport.

Yes, the production values leave a lot to be desired, but it does the job I think. Quite fond of that shitty youtuber style thumbnail too.

Anyway, enjoy it, and if you've any requests for future tracks to breakdown for you, lemme know and I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Tour 2022

Bloody hell, touring is knackering isn't it?

Anyway, I've just about recovered from the March 2022 dates, and just wanted to say a big thank you to all who came out and saw me, those that picked something up, or just had a little dance: it's all massively appreciated, so big love from team satan. Which, I guess is just me. Lol.

It was proper hard work, not made any easier by covid throwing multiple spanners in the works, which meant that Dean McPhee and Deer Leader both had to pull out of the Shipley and Glasgow gigs respectively. A massive shame, as I was really looking forward to seeing both! Jon Gomm was an absolute star and filled in for the Shipley show, and in Glasgow I sort of had to support myself by doing a longer set than usual. Was fun, actually, even if I didn't quite know what was happening at times.

London and Leeds were great too, although the less said about my synth throwing a little tantrum onstage in Leeds, and deciding it was then that it would detatch itself from the drum machine it was getting the tempo information from, the better. It's now gone to live on a farm somewhere in the countryside, and was replaced on a particularly manic Saturday morning in Bradford. Shout out to Disc DJ store btw, they had one in stock when no-one else in Yorkshire did! Great shop too, full of lovely toys.

Big shout out to the 13th Note sound tech too, Kay, who I'd been talking to about all manner of weird, underground music, only for my in-between band playlist scuppering my street cred by blasting Misery Business by Paramore straight away. Oops.

Anyway, touring by yourself isn't always easy, and having to do little things you very rarely think about, like doing the door, or manning the merch desk, or just making sure the support band is alright (and making sure you pay them too!) is a LOT of effort. My back went on day 1 and didn't recover again until just now, so let that be a lesson to any touring musician in their late 30s: look after your back.

Shipley looking lovely in the sunshine

Leeds, complete with naughty synth just out of shot

Glasgow, with a Paramore soundtrack

London, where I forgot to take a pic of it all setup, so here it is pushed to one side