Thursday, August 24, 2023

The table srikes back

I know it's only August, and there's still a fair chunk of 2023 to go, but as far as releases go, I'm all set for the rest of the year now. 

The funny thing was, as a sort of new years resolution I made to myself, I 'put everything back on the table'. This was supposed to steer me away from being a bitter and twisted old fruit that constantly moans and holds grudges against anyone who even remotely inconveniences me. So, I dispensed with all my prior biases, and my old contacts list came back out again - people I'd not spoken to in years, labels and promoters I'd completely given up on - all that was now back on the table. "I'll give them all one more try!" I said, optimistically, back in January.

Well, the funny thing is that they all came back on the table, and the only thing that happened was I slowly realised why they'd left the table in the first place. All I managed to discover this year was why I'd not bothered interacting with any of these people, and how easy it was to just do stuff by myself.