Friday, January 10, 2020


Am not usually one for surprise releases (who am I kidding, I love them), but today sees the release of album number six: Crystalline.

Thought I should write a little bit about it, as it sounds quite different from the usual satan stuff. It started more as a solo record for me, which is why there's quite a lot of guitar on it. The band was actually still a duo when it was finished, and I had no intention of making it anything to do with satan, but when the band became just me, I had to have a re-think about a lot of stuff. It's weird, because it just kind of slowly slipped into being a satan record, as my solo stuff was going more in a solo guitar direction, and this little album didn't really fit that mould anymore. I listened back a few times and figured it sounded a lot like the old satan, ironically when it was just me starting out making EP1 - so I switched it out and decided to call it a worriedaboutsatan album.

Anyway, it's out now on the excellent Greek label Sound In Silence. Just want to say thank you to George at the label for agreeing to release it, to Ali Safavi for the excellent photos for the artwork, and to Sophie Green for the vocals. Oh, fun fact about that - I recorded her singing different notes onto my phone, then took an aux cord out and straight into an Echorec pedal and messed around with the settings in real time as her voice was coming out of the phone. Good, eh?

Anyway (x2), the album's out now and it's here:

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