Monday, April 15, 2024

Halcyon days

It's weird how with age, and a crumbling grassroots music industry, your priorities start to shift. 

Back in the day, I'd have been a real, proper, arsehole about how to push the band and how to get what I'd deem as 'famous' - getting signed, get a manager, a label, booking agent, etc. and now, as I'm approaching my 41st birthday, I look at all that same stuff and just think how absolutely not-for-me it all is.

Don't get me wrong, if Warp rang me tomorrow, you best believe I'd be there with bells on, but unless a miracle happens, that'll stay as satan fanfic for the forseeable. It's so strange, because a lot of what this business is based on, is just bullshit - there's no real reason why anyone gets signed over anyone else, or why someone sees something in one band but not in another - it's totally up to the hands of fate really, but 'the biz' has a real weird way of getting you to think the opposite, like you should suddenly go to war to get a record put out by someone. 

My increasing age, wasitline, and bald patch has meant that I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect of booking yet another DIY tour round the same 5 venues, but for the first time in while, I'm completely cool with that. It's taking your foot off the gas, but all the voices in your head, and all the ones online, saying how you should keep it on there because 'you never know'. Well, I mean, in 2024: who fucking cares?

Time was I'd be trying to push the band to everything, but looking back now, it's funny how futile all that was. You've no idea how many times, in the years between 2010-2016ish, that I heard of some new fangled way to 'make it big' - game the algorithm! do this! go viral! do that! start a new project! re-brand your facebook! - so much of it was about trying to cut an imaginary corner, trying to be fake famous, gaming some system or other to trick people into liking you. All of the blog-heavy scene of those years was essentially built around that, and looking back, maaaaaan... what a waste of time. It's no coincidence the whole 'anonymous producer' thing was big around then - it was just people trying anything to get signed, by any means neccesary.

I dunno what the point of all this whinging is, but I'd like to believe that these days, I can just pop a record out, a few of you will buy it, and that's fine. Whereas once I'd be mega jealous of a band doing an insanely long tour, or having a fancy record out, now I just realise the extra baggage that comes with all that, and if I can just sit here and spout nonsense and post silly pictures and all that, yet still shift a few records to people that want them, then that's fine with me. I'm in my grandad-sat-on-the-front-porch era, and that's absolutely fine. I suppose it's a paean to just knowing you have it pretty good and learning to live with that.

Once, there was someone that suggested satan change it's name, because of the connotations with the word 'satan' and how hard it is to market something with that name, and a younger me would've wrestled with a way to get around that, but a 40+ me just, and I can't stress this enough, be fucked. If no-one wants it, fine, I'll stop, but some people do and it's those that honestly keep me going.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Hi Prog readers!

If you've seen the ad in Prog Magazine, may I take this opportunity to say hi- Hi there! Welcome. My name's Gavin and I make music under the name worriedaboutsatan (it's a long story lol). 

Anyway, The album I placed that ad for is called JÆJA, sounds quite kosmische-y (think NEU! Can, Tangerine Dream, etc) and you can hear it here:

It's cheap if you wanna buy it, and please consider signing up to my Bandcamp mailing list too if you've a spare 5 minutes. 

Thanks and hopefully see you around,


Thursday, January 25, 2024


Tour plan 2024.txt

- [city one] talk to promoter (promoter fully booked for 6-12 months as they're the only game in town)

- [city two] book cool DIY venue (venue now closed, nearest DIY one is triple the hire cost of that one)

- [city three] try to jump on a support (the only shows coming up aren't suitable or are fucking massive)

- [city four] talk to promoter (can only offer small fee, which is fine, but can't afford to travel on it)

- [city five] book cool arts space (is in a hard-to-get-to part of town, also hire cost is 20% more than it was last time I hired it, which was already way over my budget)

- [city six] talk to promoter (no response)

Thursday, January 4, 2024

labels labels labels

It's increasingly clear that social media is no longer a place for the little shower thoughts, or recommendations, or little stories you sometimes randomly remember - it's just a relentless hot take machine these days, so I thought I'd pop in here with a few words.

Just remembering, not so fondly, about a time where a label agreed to put an album out of mine, then spent 6 months not doing anything, then replied to a catch up email from myself by saying it now wasn't happening for some reason. Mad, isn't it? How someone can just waste half a year of your life and you just sit there and think 'oh well'. Absolutely insane industry.

Wasn't the only time that's happened in my life too. One label emailed me saying he'd literally just forgot to put an EP of mine out, and would I be ok if he just put it out later that afternoon. 'no, you're alright' I replied and did it myself a few months later.

There was a label, way back in the early days, that said I would have a contract in the post and could I sign it. It never arrived, and after asking what on earth was happening, the label just ended. Great stuff. This was like a year or so into the band (which, by the way, celebrates it's 18th birthday this month), so not a cracking start to the satan lifecycle.

One dropped me almost instantly after agreeing to put a record out, which was news to the legal guy who had just sent me a contract to sign. That was a fun afternoon.

Another said I'd have to change a record for them to consider. I did, and then got told it wasn't "sexy" enough. Lol, they got in the bin.

One never responded to me after putting out a record I did in conjunction with someone else, so ended up having to buy my own fucking CD. That was a new one. He ended up signing the other guy too, lol.

I've had my fair share of 'sure I'll listen to it' from labels, only for them to never listen, or sometimes they listen but never respond (the surefire way to tell me you weren't bothered), but getting so far as 'yes I will put this out', having masters and artwork ready to go, then having the rug pulled, is an altogether different experience. And not a nice one either.

So, I dunno what the point of this was, just wanted to get it off my chest, and let you all know that even when everything seems to be going well, this industry has a real habit of fucking with you.


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Favourite albums of the year

Here you go, have a list of my favourite listening material from stuff that was out this year:

HEALTH - Rat Wars

Leroy Se Meurt - Voué à rouiller

Sigur Rós - ÁTTA

The Hives - The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons

Hot Tap - Washers

dEUS - How To Replace It

Orbital - Optical Delusion

M83 - Fantasy [if pushed, I'd say this is my favourite album this year]

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.

Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

Depeche Mode - Memento Mori

James Holden - Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities

Pan American - In Daylight Dub

And some stuff, musical or not, that I also enjoyed this year:

-This one old Catapin Beefheart live performance

-Aston Villa FC

-St. Pauli being top of Bundesliga 2

-finally getting a CD copy of Computer World by Kraftwerk after a hard-drive crash lost my old copy, and discovering that it's now more valuable than gold or something?

-Helensburgh, Scotland in the sun

-Discovering that if you're cold, you can just go to bed really early and it's fine.

-That Garth Marenghi book

-These videos of a guy racing marbles and getting a really over the top american to commentate on it like it's the superbowl.

-Leaving twitter

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

satan's 2023 roundup

Another year down! 4 studio albums, 1 live album (that's actually a double album) and a slew of remixes and one off bits. And that was just the satan stuff. Yes, it's the satan end of year roundup! Here's everything I was involved in that came out over the past 12 months, just in case you missed anything:

satan stuff:

Falling But Not Alone


I Hope You Like The Bundesliga


The Pivot

The Clouds Just Eventually Roll On And No-one Remembers Anything

Live 2023

The Marta Mist stuff:

Eyes Like Pools





Orbel - Orbain Irekiak (worriedaboutsatan Rework)

Rich List - Bad Guys (worriedaboutsatan remix)



[ 3 6 / But I Was Happy ] - [B O L T ] & worriedaboutsatan

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A thousand miles

lmao, just fuck off.

Please, for the love of god, if you want to listen to music, use anything but Spotify.