Monday, February 15, 2021

Can't get you out of my head

Adam Curtis is back!

You may remember him from such films as Hypernormalisation, and The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel. OK, maybe not the last one, but definitely the first one.

You might also be aware of the connection between his films and my music, as it's appeared in a lot of them since about 2014. His last outing, Hypernormalisation, even managed to get me a credit at the end of the film, which was very nice.

Anyway, after a long break, he's back with 6 (count em) new films, all under the title 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. I've seen the first two, as I'm resisting the urge to binge them all and just let them sit in my head for a few days before going back in, and I was a) delighted to be delving into the murky world of Curtisism again, and b) nicely surprised that some of my music popped up during various segments.

Now, you might be thinking 'Gavin, why don't you know in advance what he's putting in?' and to that, I'd say: 'well, he makes everything himself, and is no doubt still editing it all about 5 minutes before he sends them to the BBC, so has neither the time nor the energy to submit cue sheets. Plus, he layers different tracks together a lot, so would be a nightmare trying to unpick it all'. So there. Plus it's kinda cool that he collages so much stuff together that he probably forgets what he's used and where. And he's busy. Always busy.

ANYWAY. I thought I'd keep a handy list here as to what stuff he's used of mine in the docs, as it's just nice isn't it? I wrote a sort-of passive aggressive tweet once about the time when loads of satan stuff got used on Hypernormalisation, and I thought labels and agents would batter down my door asking to work with me, and the only thing that happened was a dude at a label tried to use me to get Adam's email address so he could just send him all his music instead. So with that in mind, I resolved to always just big myself up, if no-one else was going to do it for me.

Here we go then, I'll update it as I watch them, but for parts 1 & 2, here's the stuff of mine he used:

UPDATE! Just watched part 3, and whereas it was a bit light on the ol' satan stuff, there was a cheeky bit of this one, slithering into a scene involving an irate American in the suburbs:

UPDATE 2! Blimey, part 4 is tough stuff, eh? Found one or two bits peeking through, which were the intro riff to this-

and there was also a tiny bit of this old ambient thing I did years ago (it's appeared in a fair few bits of his before)

Oh, and he loves to play the clattering, reverb drenched intro to Evil Dogs too:

UPDATE 3! Yes, nearly at the end now. I don't think anything new popped up, apart from one intro to something that's been buzzing around the whole series so far that I just couldn't place. Turns out it's this, from Revenant:

Friday, January 22, 2021

Split out now!

Today sees the release of a little split tape I put together with Charlie Coxedge.

I run a little label called This Is It Forever, and about two years ago, I started doing little cassette splits, where I'd take one side, and someone else would take the other. It's been really good fun, and ever since the band became just me, I've been able to share the satan sound with some people I really like. 

This one's the sixth so far, and my track on it, 'An Tiaracht', is a relatively new one. the thing I like about these splits is that you can do stuff quite off the cuff, and pretty quickly - there's no big schedule, and you don't have to sit on things for that long if you don't want to. They've always been good as little snapshots of the more experimental side of satan too, as you get about 10-15 minutes to do whatever you want with. Naturally, I always want to make something fucking massive.

Anyway, really hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for a lot more satan music this year!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

An Tiaracht


Well 2021's off to a banger isn't it? Picked a hell of a day to announce a new release didn't I? Oh well.

Anyway... here's the first bit of new satan material for the year - a track called An Tiaracht. It's part of a split tape with Charlie Coxedge, and is out on my own This Is It Forever label on Jan 22nd. Charlie took side B, and weaved this gorgeous looped ambient guitar piece called Who Is To Say, and I basically wanted to make a wall-of-synth style thing, which I think I've managed to do. I guess you'll be the judge of that. 

Here's the cover I made, which I thought was pretty good. Quite like using text in weird ways now, after years of just thinking 'yeah, that's a nice picture - use that as the cover. no text' as a template for releases:

The name, incidentally, comes from this tiny island off the coast of Ireland. I discovered it on one of my usual wikipedia rabbit holes, but just look at it:

It's deserted now, but had a functioning lighthouse and small living quarters for people to work there. The buildings are all still intact, but it's only birds that inhabit the place now. 

Tape is out Jan 22nd, pre-orders open on the 15th!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the name

I've written before about how I came up with a name as stupid as worriedaboutsatan for a band, but weirdly not on this blog, so I thought I'd take a bit of your sweet, precious time, and recollect how a young me thought that using a handle from a message board for a band name would be a cracking idea.

Well, wikipedia is correct when it says it's pinched from a song title - and an obscure one at that - but it's sort of half the 'story' behind it.

Y'see, back in the olden days, there were these things called message boards. You don't get them much anymore, as everyone's on twitter and facebook and all that. Anyway, in the before times, I'd go on the board for one of my favourite bands: Belgium's very own dEUS. I'd been a fan for years, after randomly catching their 1999 opus Instant Street on MTV2. The album that's from btw, The Ideal Crash, is one of my favourite albums of all time, but enough about that.

They'd not done a record in absolutely ages (it'd take 6 between The Ideal Crash and Pocket Revolution), so there was a whole bunch of us just chatting rubbish on these boards, but before I joined up, I needed a name which screamed 'I KNOW THIS BAND BETTER THAN YOU', so I went rifling through my old singles and EPs, and there it was, track 3 from the Theme From Turnpike single: 'Worried About Satan'.

You've no idea how close I came to naming myself, and therefore the band, 'My Little Contessa', but satan moves in mysterious ways eh? The early internet being as it was, you couldn't have spaces without doing underscores, so I rammed all the words together (this fit with the post-rock style of the time too) and became worriedaboutsatan on the forum.

I'd not actually planned on using the name for the band, which was at that point just an off-shoot of my bedroom noodlings, but the forum were putting together a covers CD of old dEUS songs, so I obliged, but couldn't think of anything else to call it. I was in a band at the time anyway, and this was just a bit of fun, so I thought 'ah fuck it' and the first satan track was born.

I'd had some other doodles and college projects lying around too, so I decided to bundle it all together and call it EP1 by worriedaboutsatan. The band I was in eventually split up, so just decided to keep on with the satan stuff and see how far it went.

Anyway, there you go - I hope this clears up that I'm not ultra religious, or a satanist, or anything like that. Just an edgelord kid on the internet who's silly idea stuck for the past 15 years :)

Thursday, December 3, 2020

records of the year 2020

Here you go, have a few albums that I enjoyed from the past 12 months. Some great stuff out this year, but I think I probably spent most of it catching up with older albums, and replacing stuff I lost as my old faithful hard drive died :( anyway, here you go, in no particular order- get yr headphones on:

Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now


Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor


Mute Forest - Riderstorm



Falconetti - A History Of Skyscrapers


Zelienople - Hold You Up


Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts V: Together


Daniel McCagh - Altered States


Hooks Arthur - What You Know May...


Selena Gomez - Rare (Deluxe edition)


KMRU - Saal


Leaaves - Moon King


FRKL - Excision After Love Collapses


Troye Sivan - In A Dream

Mourn - Self Worth


Friday, November 27, 2020

satan 2020

As we're rapidly approaching the end of quite a strange year, I thought I'd do a big dispassionate list of all the music under the names worriedaboutsatan & Gavin Miller from the past 12 months (although there's not been too much solo stuff for obvious reasons), just in case you missed something and you want to check it out. It also works as a nice little reminder for me, as I tend to forget these things more often than you'd think.

Releases (all satan unless stated)

Crystalline (album, Sound in Silence) [here]

Rewilding (track as Gavin Miller, taken from a compilation on Whitelabrecs) [here]

Orion (track, taken from a cassette split with Capac, This Is It Forever) [here]

Bradford Telephone Exchange (album as Gavin Miller, Shimmering Moods) [here]

Heart Monitor 10th Anniversary Edition (EP, self released) [here]

Dawn (single, n5MD) [here]

Time Lapse (album, n5MD) [here]

What Are You Looking For? (track, taken from a split with Veins Full Of Static, This Is It Forever) [here]

Lost At Sea (track on Daniel Crompton's 'From Perpetuity' compilation) [here]

The Vault (EP, self-released) [here]

Europa (compilation album, Past Inside The Present) [here]

Nothing Hurts Forever (collaboration album with Glacis as Gavin Miller, Whitelabrecs) [here]

Then For A Long Time, Nothing Happened (track, taken from n5MD's 20th anniversary compilation) [here]


VLMV - The Great Escape (self released) [here]

Ghosts - Baekma (self released) [here]

preston.outatime - Semblance, Resemblance (self released) [here]

Pijn - Denial (Holy Roar) [here]

Zakè - Genève (Past Inside The Present) [here]


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

gigs, and a lacktherof

Been thinking about gigs a bit recently (for obvious reasons), and after Bandcamp announced they're doing a paid streaming thing coming soon - which I think is a great idea - I thought back over the past 15 years or so of satan to really pick out some gig memories. Then, I thought who the fuck wants to hear those? So I drifted into those times the band canned gigs off.

Now, since 2005(ish), worriedaboutsatan has been a side-project, a one man band, a college project, a full band, a touring monster, a support slot mainstay, a fully fledged festival headliner (citation needed) and headline act. Over the years, the band prided itself on the live side of things - we've done so many (and I mean SO FUCKING MANY) crap gigs over the years, it's a wonder the band still exists. Trips to Nottingham on empty Sunday evenings for the total of £9 (which we even had to haggle upwards off the promoter), Playing a 200 cap venue in Oxford to literally 3 people, a disused missile silo with no roof in East Germany - y'know, that kinda thing. But we never really canned off a gig. Hell, there was once when I was in hospital having to wait for emergency surgery, but the band still fulfilled a gig booking (albeit without me).

However, there were times when even we'd had enough. I thought about those the other day, and as there were surprisingly few examples (which makes us the good guys, right?) they were easy to remember. 

There was the festival in Kent back in 2007, when we'd just started touring and recording stuff. We'd play anywhere at that point, but a sort-of hippy festival in the middle of Kent over a weekend, with camping the only accomodation open to us, with zero fee, was a bit much. I remember reluctantly picking up a tent I'd had in my parents' shed for years, with the intention of sleeping in it that weekend. I took it back to my house, and in front of several people all calling us nuts for agreeing to do this stupid gig, I realised the bag didn't have any tentpoles. The decision was made there and then that we'd made a huge error, and we'd have to pull out. Which we did. Apologies to all Kent based electronica fans. Bit keen, weren't we? There's a difference between gigging around your local town for a surprise tenner in fee, and driving hundreds of miles to play for 30 minutes in a field in Kent. KENT!

There was another cracker I remembered too - Sheffield. We were booked to do a strange electronica festival (think it was more an alldayer) above a pub on a rainy winter Friday night. We got there, cold, tired (we'd come straight from work) and slightly annoyed that our stage time was close to 11pm. As we arrived, we went upsairs with a bit of gear from the car, to be confronted by two things: a massively empty room (naturally), and the promoter asking us if we'd switch stagetimes with another band, who, and I'm not kidding here, wanted to go hiking the next day. What was the stagetime I hear you ask? 2am. Yes, they wanted us to wait around until 2am (think it was about 9pm at this point) to play, as another band wanted to go on early so they could be up for a walk. To be honest, I think they saw how bad the night was going, and just wanted to get out of there. This was another one for zero money, so completely out of character for worriedaboutsatan, we sort of laughed, said no thanks, and just walked off. Drove home, ordered pizza and watched Terminator 2 before going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Halcyon days!