Thursday, May 28, 2020


I know it's been a while since I last did a livestream, and it seems apt to mention it on the day the last of my gigs-on-the-horizon finally got canned. After two festival slots also got pulled, the last gig I had in the diary was for one in October, which was supposed to be part of a full UK tour, but I've decided to just bin the whole thing off and look to do it next year instead.

Seems silly to be stressing about that stuff when there's so much serious shit still happening, and the last thing DIY venues need is me piping up in their inbox asking for gigs when a lot are already on the brink.

Anyway, with that in mind, I'll try and do the live instagram streams a bit more regularly, and maybe even record one or two of them and pop them up on the satan youtube channel.

You can follow me on insta here: and I'll try and get the word out as much as I can whenever I do these things. I use twitter for that quite a lot, so if you're not following, you can do here:

Here's a taster of what these livestreams look/ sound like (spoiler: it's just guitar)

Monday, May 11, 2020

Release Day Roundup

On Friday, the seventh worriedaboutsatan album, Time Lapse, was released into the world. It was really nice to see and hear so many people enjoy it, and awesome to finally have these tracks out.

Anyway, as these things tend to do, everything got caught up in a bit of a backlog, as there was just so much going on at once, so I'll attempt to log it all here, mainly for my sake, but I thought it'd be an interesting little stroll around the album regardless.

Prog Magazine reviews the album. Some great quotes in there. My favourite is "four lengthy multi-tiered mood cathedrals built on densely ominous drones" - that's a cracker. Massive thanks to Prog for featuring it too.

I had a chat with Sean at MusicTech Magazine, and told him all about how I make tunes. One here for the musicians amongst you - in this piece I talk about how my cavernous collection of modular synths and drum machines, coupled with my array of high powered mac products enables me to create satan albums. Just kidding, it's actually a riff on how little gear I actually have, but am fine with that.

Here's a really nicely written review of the album from Nothing But Hope And Passion. My favourite bit is "A record to dive in and let go, without any bursting crescendos or epic guitars. Instead a steady pulsation without de- or acceleration, providing a certain calmness and thus creating a mood, somewhere between uncertainty and anxiety". Nice.

Another nice write-up from Birthday Cake For Breakfast here. "Dark, brooding but with large glimpses of hope and beauty, this rings with relevance and comfort"

Drifting Almost Falling also gave it a thumbs up here. "Miller is no rush to get to the various hooks and treats you will come across, instead he revels in using time to build pieces that make their length immaterial... Miller makes time an arbitrary concept and you just don’t feel like you are listening to pieces that go on and on and on."

Also, and this is a big one as I've had loads of questions about it- the album is available from a variety of places. If you live in the UK or Europe, don't feel that you need to spend a bazillion pounds on import shipping from the label Bandcamp just because it's Bandcamp. n5MD have worldwide distro, so if you're after a CD or a 12", and you're not in North America - please, please, check out this list I made of various shops around the globe stocking it: 


Friday, May 1, 2020

Bandcamp day, round 2

As Bandcamp are waiving their artist fees again today, I thought I'd make something of it and offer up some long forgotten/ long lost/ hidden in a warehouse stuff that I was originally planning on selling at the merch desk on an up-coming tour. With that looking increasingly unlikely to happen however, I thought what better time to pop it online than today, when you're all in the mood. I'll sign everything, and also include a snazzy sticker of the worriedaboutsatan FC badge in each package too.

So, here's a big list of all the stuff (satan and my solo stuff too, btw) that I've got up and in the tuck shop:

The 'A 10' mini album from last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album is now available digitally. Also, The jewel case CD edition is back in stock, and I swear this really is the last of them! [buy here]

Heart Monitor
The 'HM 10' alternate take of the title track is now available digitally. [buy here]

I'm Not / The Next Round
The handmade CD edition of the satan comeback single of 2014. [buy here]

Even Temper
The handmade CD edition of the satan comeback album of 2015. [buy here]

A handmade promo CD edition of the album, never really 'released', but made for press, etc. [buy here]

Blank Tape
CDs still very much available, and also now the limited edition cassette edition is back in. [buy here]

CDs from Sound In Silence still in stock. [buy here]

3 Days (solo mini album)
Limited cassette now back in. [buy here]

The Haze (solo split EP I did with Umber)
Limited cassette now back in. [buy here]

Shimmer (old solo album)
CD available [buy here]

Bradford Telephone Exchange (latest solo album)
Ltd. ed CDs now in. [buy here]