Monday, March 2, 2020

Now Playing march

It's that time again... March's edition of my ever-popular, monthly playlist Now Playing is up for your enjoyment now:

Some great stuff in there this month - that trippy Andrew Weatherall remix of Emiliana Torrini is especially good, and a fitting tribute to his skills, as he sadly passed away recently. Really enjoying early HTRK too - big fan of their more recent stuff, but that gnarly noise stuff from back in the day is awesome. Ooh, that OCH album is a belter too - just out on Rocket Recordings, it's like all my favourite Kosmische put together. Thought I'd pop in a bit of Russell.M.Harmon too - he's a very good friend of mine from way back, and his EP 'We Are Failed' has been missing off streaming services and digital stores for ages, so I helped him get it back online for him. It's so good! Extended Treefingers is also quite nice - not sure it's extended by much, but it's still nice all the same. RosalĂ­a's mad autotuned flamenco is fucking great too, and that big ol' Deathcab tune plays us out. Good tune though, that - props to them for trying to put a trippy psychedelic thing in the middle of a standard DCFC album anyways.

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