Monday, March 16, 2020

live woes

I guess you should be used to this kind of thing by now, judging by the volume of people doing it, but yes - my one and only warm up live show of the spring, April's appearance at Fuse Art Space in Bradford, has sadly had to be cancelled due to coronavirus.

I guess I'm lucky, as it wasn't a tour or anything like that, but the two bands I was due to support: Good Weather For An Airstrike and Signal Hill, have had to can a massive multiple city tour, which absolutely sucks.

If you can, go and support both, as they're all super nice guys:

 *hopefully* the tour will be back on later in the year, but there's nothing concrete on that just yet. The new satan live set is sounding good though: quite a mixture of styles, which I hope will go down well. I'll also look into doing some sort of live stream thing, which a lot of bands and artists are doing at the moment.

Until then, stay safe and buy lots of records.

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