Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy bandcamp day!

Hi everyone.

In light of Bandcamp's decision to waive their processing fees all day today, to help artists affected by the coronavirus, I thought I'd open up the satan store to as many people as possible by making all EPs and singles pay-what-you-want, and having all albums set at £1.

Of course, you can chip in extra if you like (hint, hint), but if that's not possible - that's fine, just grab whatever you want and spread the word.

If the store is a bit daunting, as I appreciate there's a fuckin' load of stuff on there, then here's a handy guide as to the satan back catalogue:

The post-rock stuff

The lo-fi stuff

The gloomy, dark electronica stuff

The cinematic, reach-for-the-sky stuff

The heartfelt, tender stuff

The oddities (live/ remix/ one-offs)

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