Thursday, February 27, 2020

arrivals and saints

OK, here's a fun thing for you this afternoon.
Back in 2011, when we were working on what ended up being The Very Last Of The Saints by Ghosting Season, I bobbed a little easter egg in there, and wondered if anyone would ever connect the dots.

Y'see, TVLOTS was supposed to be the second worriedaboutsatan album, but ended up (for various other reasons) being released under a different project name: Ghosting Season. We only did a few more bits with GS after this album, before returning to satan full time anyway.

So when the wavs were all labelled as worriedaboutsatan's TVLOTS, I thought this was a pretty cool way to continue the albums, and connect everything into a little satan micro-world. Here's the last track on Arrivals, which is the title track:

Right at the end of the track, it bitcrushes down into a right old sonic mess and then just disappears.
So, I thought, what better way to connect the two albums together, than to have the first track on the new one start bitcrushed, then get slowly better? As if everything was flowing from one record to the other:

I guess it would've worked a lot better if they were both satan albums, but I guess you can't have everything. Oh, and also - 'Ghost Drift' was supposed to be two tracks: 'Ghost' and 'Drift', but it got left stuck together, whereas 'Lie' and 'Through Your Teeth' from the same album were supposed to be stuck together, and not two seperate tracks. Music, eh?! Mad.

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