Thursday, October 27, 2022

Spring/ summer photo dump

I just got some film developed from around spring and summer this year, and some of it turned out pretty great. Thought I'd bang it on here, for my sake more than anyone elses:

Saltaire houses in the sun always look 10/10

Robert's Park in Saltaire during a particularly sunny day

Me enjoying said park

Me, pointing to the monitor during my Endless Hum gig in Shipley

Me enjoying the monitors at the Endless Hum in Shipley

Sophie in her KoRn t-shirt, enjoying Robert's park again

The car park at ArcTanGent festival near Bristol

"Get a picture of me giving the car a thumb's up!" - at ATG

Me outside the backstage area of the ATG stage I was playing

Onstage at ATG

Playing ATG. Was absolutely boiling...

...until it pissed it down. Sheltering from the elements in the car

Lutterworth (nr. Leicester) Travelodge, en route to London

Me looking smug in London. When in Rome, I suppose

Onstage at Leeds City Varieties, supporting Mono

Sophie laying some violin down on some new satan tracks

She's dead good at that!

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