Monday, October 24, 2022

EP1 re-press

Back in 2006, when EP1 first came out, it was nothing more than a scrappy little collection of stuff I had been making on my computer. In fact, I'm pretty sure up until I put the thing on the satan Bandcamp back in 2014, you couldn't even get wavs of it - just shitty mp3s that had been passed around various websites.

Because of that, and the fact I've had physical pressings of a lot of satan records, but never the first one, I decided to do something about it. 

So I put together the very first EP1 CD version. A handstamped card envelope, as a little nod to those 2006 days when I'd burn whatever tunes I'd finished onto a CD before giving it out at gigs, containing a professionally pressed CD, and a neat little tracklisting (also printed all professional, like). It's pretty cool, right?

The CD also contains 3 tracks that were never on the original EP1 (I'll let you decide why that might be lol), including a demo of Noise 1 and two little doodles I put together when I first started expanding the gear I had at the time.

I've a lot of time for EP1 - it wasn't really a finished, slick record, more just a collection of demos, scraps, demos, doodles and all sorts. One was even a college project from my time at Leeds College of Music (now re-named Leeds Conservatoire), and one was a cover for a message board. So not the real statement of intent debut releases usually are, but this was 2006, and this was me putting things together by myself and testing the waters to see if anyone actually liked the idea of 4 minute post rock songs with drum machines.

Anyway, you can pick up a copy here:

Very much hope you enjoy it!

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