Friday, July 9, 2021

Ghosting Season

I've often wondered what to do with the Ghosting Season thing. It stopped being a functioning outfit back in 2014, shortly before the release of the I'm Not/ The Next Round single. Looking back, it's pretty mad to think it was only ever around for 3 years, but bloody hell we did some pretty amazing stuff in those: toured Europe, supported Apparat, went to SXSW in Austin... even played an Umbro corporate gig, which looking back, was perhaps the funniest thing I've done as a musician. Absolutely loved it:

Anyway, as I'm defacto in charge of all this stuff now, I thought GS was overdue a little overhaul on various places. I got myself added to sort out the Spotify profile, which I have done now. I even added a little 'choice cuts' playlist, just in case you satan fans were unaware of the Season material/ remixes, and needed a bit of catching up. That's here:

Also, it felt a little silly charging for stuff from a dead band, and especially since I seemingly put an album out a week, so if you head to the GS bandcamp, everything is now on a pay-what-you-want. So you can fill your boots with our limited discography with no guilty conscience. Head to the GS Bandcamp here. I also added the superb Luke Abbott remix to the Muffled Sound of Voices single, as for some reason it wasn't there, despite being a career highlight, Season/ satan/ solo included! I know it wasn't on the vinyl release, which was also a bit weird, as it was the only remix people wanted on the 12". Oh well. Labels, eh? 

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