Tuesday, February 11, 2020


One for the guitar nerds here. here's pretty much everything that was used on guitar parts for the whole of the Arrivals album:

Things were a lot simpler back then! For reference, it's:
  • a Marshall Echohead (used to love the backward delay function, but hated the annoying click)
  • Boss DD-3 Digital Delay (still have this somewhere - built to last, these bad boys)
  • Boss DS-1 (didn't really like it in the end, and gave it to a mate to borrow, but never got it back! Think most of the album's distortion is from the Line6 Spider amp - I had to get this pedal when we went to Iceland, as we were borrowing gear whilst over there) 
  • a battered Digitech Digidelay pedal (this was really cool, as it let you loop about 5 seconds of audio, pre-Loop Station. Mainly used it live, but it snuck on the record in bits too)

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