Friday, February 14, 2020


Today sees the release of some more brand new worriedaboutsatan music - a special 11 minute or-so track called 'Orion'.

It's a big, long beast of a thing, made with this split in mind. I do these little split cassettes on my label, This Is It Forever, and the thinking behind them is to ask people who I like to share a tape with me, and do whatever you like with it. For some, it means make a few shorter tracks, but for most it means have fun and wild out for once!

So, with Orion, I wanted to take satan and push it to its limit: nasty feedback, soaring post rock guitars, gentle synth, ambient passages - the whole shabang. Stuff like this would never usually get on a satan album, or EP or whatever, so it's nice to just let loose a little and see what happens.

I hope I've made something a little different, but at the same time keeping that satan sound intact.

Anyway, enough waffle - here's the whole thing on the TIIF Bandcamp:

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