Thursday, December 19, 2019


Back in 2012, when the band was a duo (and we were called something else), we lucked out and won a spot at that year's SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. It was an absolute experience, lemme tell you. From the early starts getting US work visas, to ordering humongous Burger Kings in Texas backwaters, it was ace. Still can't really believe we managed to do it in hindsight.

The best memory I have of it though, is the first night we were there, we met up with a Mancunian band called Brown Brogues. We had next to nothing in common with them musically, but we got on as we all liked a laugh. We'd met them doing some weird corporate thing for Umbro of all people. I think they were trying to attach the brand to Manchester and its big musical output, so we ended up doing this filmed session in front of about 50 people dressed in Umbro gear. It was weird, but both us and the Brogues saw the funny side of it. The other band on that bill really didn't, and apparently kicked up quite the fuss about having to wear sports gear. Looking back, I should've absolutely rinsed their football shirt collection, as it'd probably be worth millions now and you got to keep the thing you played in.


Anyway, the first night we were in Austin, we met up and got absolutely wasted at this tiny bar on 6th street, which is the main area for the festival. It was absolute madness, as there was so much going on, but we all sat on this rooftop, drinking $1 jack-and-cokes, watching the sun go down. Magical, it was. 

We played a few shows, but nothing massive ever came of it. We shook a few hands, and met a few people, but 'the biz' sadly escaped our grasp. Still, it was good fun while it lasted. Here's a tour diary we shot at the time if you're at all interested:

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