Monday, November 21, 2022

Falling But Not Alone, album #11

Finally, *finally* we have lift off on FBNA.

For those who've listened to me prattle on about the worriedaboutsatan mystery album pipeline, you'll have caught wind of me mentioning this 'lost' album, that was submitted about 2 years ago and was never seen again, due to a combination of Covid, mega schedules, and people being involved in accidents who were supposed to master it.

Well, all that is finally behind us now, as that album, which is called Falling But Not Alone, will be out early next year via Wolves & Vibrancy. Pre-orders will be open on December 2nd.

I'd told Fabian from the label that I'd love to work with him again after 2018's 'Shift' EP, but alas, events conspired to get in the way. I mean, first of all, the band's makeup changed somewhat, then I had schedules, then he had schedules, etc. so this whole thing goes back quite some time.

The record is itself a sort of half a compilation of tracks that got missed from various releases, and half a brand new thing (which obviously isn't brand new anymore!) The first two tracks, 'All's Lost' and 'Hours Pass' were tracks I already had lying around - All's Lost, by the way, had at one point about 5 vocalists attached to it, but it was only when I contacted Manchester's She The Throne, that a vocal ever got put on it. So props to them for that. That's also the oldest track here, which I think comes from around 2017/18, but got left on the cutting room floor for reasons unknown. It's a banger! 

'Hours Pass' was actually a late addition to Time Lapse, but got cut for timing reasons when n5MD put the album out in May 2020. 

The other two were late additions themselves, but ideas that I finally got around to finishing up when I moved into my current house in Saltaire. That was early 2020. So yes, this has been one hell of a journey, and I'm so glad it's finally coming out!

Go say hi to W&V (and follow them on Bancamp) here:


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