Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Marta Mist

In 2010, I was sitting in my room at satan HQ in Leeds late one night, just listening to some guitar loops tinkle over themselves and I thought about doing something with them. They weren't quite right for satan, but didn't want to just ditch them. Not really wanting to go solo or anything, I thought a good idea would be to finish it off as a new project, but keep it quiet. I liked the idea of it 1) not getting in the way of anything satan related, and 2) letting the music do the talking, so it would live and die by how good it was, and not because of the attached people involved.

Sophie, my girlfriend, also thought it would be a cool idea, so she played violin over those guitar loops, and we submitted it to various labels before the now- named Distance/ Skeletal/ Union came out on Hibernate in 2010. 

Anyway, we did various little bits here and there - self released singles, a quick 3" CD on now long defunct labels, a few remixes, etc. we kept it fairly lo-fi and enjoyed just bobbing stuff out as and when. This all culminated in Scavengers, a record we did for the awesome Time Released Sound label back in 2016. It went pretty well, and there were a few more attempts after that to get other records signed, but life sort of got in the way, and we put the band on the back burner whilst we moved around a lot.

Until last year, when I was a bit bored in the studio, and started playing with piano loops this time. I figured these would be amazing as new Marta Mist material, so I roped Sophie in to record violin over them, and viola! A new two track single, which came out on Friday:

We've been recording some new stuff too, so MM is basically back now, and obviously with me telling you all this, we thought we might as well ditch the anonymous thing, as we're not that fussed about that sort of thing anymore, and we're also too old for shenanigans. Well, I am anyway, Sophie's but a spring chicken.

So anyway, there you go! Some more satan-adjacent stuff to get involved with.

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