Friday, June 17, 2022

Glass Infinites

Remember when I said I wanted to get a bit quicker with releasing stuff after making it? Yes, well here we are already. Say hi to album number ten (TEN!) Glass Infinites. It's a collection of woozy, meandering synth and ambient guitar stuff, so actually something of a new sound from me, as there aren't any beats on it - just these zippy little synth lines and some classic ambient guitar stuff.

Anyway, the pre-order went up today, and that's here-

I did mention a little while ago that it'd be nice to get a bit quicker with releasing stuff, so this is the first of those experiments. I usually sit around for months on end, plotting who to send it to, and what formats cost what, and all that stuff - it takes me *ages* to actually get something out, which is ironic, because I'm probably the most impatient person in the world when it comes to actually making the music itself.

I had these recordings sat around for a little while, but it was only after I came back from tour in March, and had my nose cauterised that I endeavoured to finish it all off and get it released. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with cauterisation, but it's basically burning the blood vessels in your nose with silver nitrate, so it stops them bleeding so much. Me and my brother have always had nose bleeds, and it wasn't until I asked my mum about them that I found out that her dad had them too, so I'm guessing it runs in the family, sadly. Anyway, they're really horrible and annoying, so I wanted to try this cauterisation, and fucking hell it hurt! But it was for the best I suppose. Anyway, when I came home from having it done, I felt pretty awful - think I caught a cold at the same time or something, as I felt utterly wiped out. Weirdly, listening to these synth recordings was the only thing I could stand to do, as anything more just wrecked my head. So as I was recovering, I finished them off, added some new ones, and voila - Glass Infinites was born!

Very much hope you all like it. It's out July 8th on tape and digital via my own This Is It Forever label.

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