Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tour (again)

Wow, it's March already... to be honest, I've been working on so much over the past few months, it's been a case of "tour? oh yeah, that's miles away" - well Gavin you idiot, it's here now and you've about 23 days to get ready.

Anyway, I thought I'd use this meagre space that I have on the internet to shine a light on who is coming with me on this little jaunt around the UK. I've made a playlist using Bndcmpr, which lets you assemble playlists based on Bandcamp links, which is nicer for the artists and quicker too - Spotify constantly fucking breaks on my computer, which is a real on-the-nose assesment of it's worth to be honest. The playlist is here: https://bndcmpr.co/80b8c7ab and contains 2 songs from each act I'm playing with.

Starting in Shipley, Dean McPhee will be playing with me, which I'm really excited about, as he's one of the best things about the music scene in Bradford and it's surrounds. He's a really nice guy, and his music is beautiful: just big fat layers of guitar ambience slowly unfurling. He's a great guitar player too, and enjoys a laugh, which is always handy. Join us at Shipley's finest beer shop, The Triangle on the 23rd.

Western Edges is a name that might not be familiar to you, but the person behind it will be. It's the brainchild of Richard Adams, who was in one of my favourite bands of all time, Hood. He's also the man behind the Declining Winter too. Anyway, Western Edges is his more ambient electronic project, and it should prove to be a really nice opener to the night at Wharf Chambers in Leeds on the 25th.

Deer Leader are joining me in Glasgow, at what will prove to be a hell of a night, if all things that could happen actually happen. Despite my best efforts, I've fallen into my own trap of booking a gig when there's something big happening. Scotland might be in the World Cup playoff final on this date, so if you're after a big, emotive post-rock party to celebrate, or some miserable electronica (that's me) to commiserate, join us on the 29th at the 13th Note.

...and finally GWFAA (or Good Weather for an Airstrike) is the project of Tom Honey, someone I've known for years online, but never actually met. He's a real nice guy and makes really dreamy ambient post rock, so am very much looking forward to finally chatting to him about football even though he's a Spurs fan ;) Come tease him, despite them being so much better than Aston Villa at Servant Jazz Quarters on the 31st.

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  1. oh yeah, Dean's amazing! very excited to have him on the bill :)