Friday, March 25, 2022

Bloodsport day

Today's the day, folks! Bloodsport is finally out.

To say this record has been a massive part of my life over the last six months would be a monumental understatement. From finishing the actual music to today's release date, it's been an absolute shift, I can tell you - from mixing, mastering and sequencing, to pressing it up, doing all the PR and then posting it all out to everyone, it's been mad.

First up, big thanks to you if you've bought it already. If not, there are a few copies back in stock over at my Bandcamp page:

The only other copies are with me on this tour I'm on over the next week or so. Tonight I'm off to Leeds to celebrate at Wharf Chambers, with Western Edges in support. They're actually a side project of Richard Adams from Hood and Declining Winter, so it seems apt that someone who created so many albums that mean so much to me, and informed the music I want to make, is on the same stage this evening. You can get tickets here, up til about 6pm I think.

Anyway, Bloodsport! It's done, it's out and it's gone. Really hope you enjoy this one, as it was a hard thing to finish, and an even harder one to actually put out. Doing everything yourself is always a double edged sword, and I don't think I'll be doing another 'big' release like this by myself anytime soon - man, it's hard work! haha. I've been thinking about how to get stuff out much quicker and easier recently, and I'm hoping to experiment a little bit later this year, but more on that later. I'll have a few more albums coming soon, and then a few live appearances too. 

For now, enjoy the album and be sure to spread the word :)



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