Friday, March 4, 2022


Out today is a new little single, which is also the second track you can hear from the new album Bloodsport. It's called Sigourney Weaver Fanclub President, and it's backed with 3 remixes. One from Benoit Pioulard, one from Pye Corner Audio, and one from r beny

It's pay what you want, but all proceeds will be going to UNICEF's Ukraine appeal:

It's a real big bastard of a track, and probably one of the most aggressive things I've done as satan, for a while at least anyway. I polished it off last year, when the nights were dark and cold, and weirdly enough, did the most on it when my beloved Aston Villa were thumping Arsenal 3-0. The Premier League put some games on pay per view, even though they were behind closed doors because of Covid, so I went upstairs rather than pay the money to watch it (we had about 4 games paywalled IIRC, which was super irritating) and finished off this bad boy. Time well spent.

The shirt on the front cover is this one  I picked up from Girls on Tops: and the name is just a stupid thing I came up with, as who doesn't like Sigourney Weaver? She's absolutely badass.

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