Friday, November 27, 2020

satan 2020

As we're rapidly approaching the end of quite a strange year, I thought I'd do a big dispassionate list of all the music under the names worriedaboutsatan & Gavin Miller from the past 12 months (although there's not been too much solo stuff for obvious reasons), just in case you missed something and you want to check it out. It also works as a nice little reminder for me, as I tend to forget these things more often than you'd think.

Releases (all satan unless stated)

Crystalline (album, Sound in Silence) [here]

Rewilding (track as Gavin Miller, taken from a compilation on Whitelabrecs) [here]

Orion (track, taken from a cassette split with Capac, This Is It Forever) [here]

Bradford Telephone Exchange (album as Gavin Miller, Shimmering Moods) [here]

Heart Monitor 10th Anniversary Edition (EP, self released) [here]

Dawn (single, n5MD) [here]

Time Lapse (album, n5MD) [here]

What Are You Looking For? (track, taken from a split with Veins Full Of Static, This Is It Forever) [here]

Lost At Sea (track on Daniel Crompton's 'From Perpetuity' compilation) [here]

The Vault (EP, self-released) [here]

Europa (compilation album, Past Inside The Present) [here]

Nothing Hurts Forever (collaboration album with Glacis as Gavin Miller, Whitelabrecs) [here]

Then For A Long Time, Nothing Happened (track, taken from n5MD's 20th anniversary compilation) [here]


VLMV - The Great Escape (self released) [here]

Ghosts - Baekma (self released) [here]

preston.outatime - Semblance, Resemblance (self released) [here]

Pijn - Denial (Holy Roar) [here]

Zakè - Genève (Past Inside The Present) [here]


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