Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Lost in a sea of content

Bit of a weird day isn't it? Feels a bit redundant to be trying to sell music to you all, but I dunno. Have to do something I suppose.

Anyway, as someone pointed out recently, my work rate this year has been a bit crazy, and there've been so so many satan releases that have come and gone over the past 10 or so months. I'll do a big list of everything that's appeared (spoiler alert: yes, that means more is on the way) in 2020, but for now here's a few bits you might have missed over the past few weeks:

VLMV - The Great Escape (worriedaboutsatan remix)

- I did this little remix a while back for the guys in VLMV (formerly Alma), as Pete from the band was in touch about another remix satan lent it's name to that was being featured on their upcoming remix record. I'd never really thought that other one was much to do with satan, or represented the name that well, so I told them I'd do another one for them. So I made this! Pretty good, right?

Glacis & Gavin Miller - Nothing Hurts Forever

- technically not a satan release, but c'mon - it's still me anyway so what does it matter? Anyway, this is a collab album I did with Glacis, which came out last week on the lovely Whitelabrecs label. It was basically me treating Euan's piano sketches that he sent me, then layering up with some guitar, synth, bass and Sophie's violin. This has been in the works for quite a while as it happens, and was actually finished off last summer, so it's nice to finally see it out!

Finally, there's a remix I did which I'm not sure I'm supposed to be talking about, but is online in a few places already so... anyway, go here to have a look at what it is :)

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