Monday, June 8, 2020

live recording

Hi all,

Thought I'd take a quiet Sunday to record one of these live sets I've been doing as Insta livestreams, and bang it on youtube. I appreciate some don't have Instagram accounts, or would just like to see something in better quality.

So, here you go:

It's actually the first 'half' of the semi-improvisational live thing I have going on at the moment. I'll record the second half sometime soon. This stuff wasn't part of the live set I was going to tour with btw, it just kind of happened once I started these livestreams. Technical limitations meant I had to just focus on the guitar, and do away with the electronic elements, which was kinda nice as I didn't think slamming loads of beats and synth through an ipad via Instagram would've sounded anywhere approaching good.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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