Friday, May 1, 2020

Bandcamp day, round 2

As Bandcamp are waiving their artist fees again today, I thought I'd make something of it and offer up some long forgotten/ long lost/ hidden in a warehouse stuff that I was originally planning on selling at the merch desk on an up-coming tour. With that looking increasingly unlikely to happen however, I thought what better time to pop it online than today, when you're all in the mood. I'll sign everything, and also include a snazzy sticker of the worriedaboutsatan FC badge in each package too.

So, here's a big list of all the stuff (satan and my solo stuff too, btw) that I've got up and in the tuck shop:

The 'A 10' mini album from last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album is now available digitally. Also, The jewel case CD edition is back in stock, and I swear this really is the last of them! [buy here]

Heart Monitor
The 'HM 10' alternate take of the title track is now available digitally. [buy here]

I'm Not / The Next Round
The handmade CD edition of the satan comeback single of 2014. [buy here]

Even Temper
The handmade CD edition of the satan comeback album of 2015. [buy here]

A handmade promo CD edition of the album, never really 'released', but made for press, etc. [buy here]

Blank Tape
CDs still very much available, and also now the limited edition cassette edition is back in. [buy here]

CDs from Sound In Silence still in stock. [buy here]

3 Days (solo mini album)
Limited cassette now back in. [buy here]

The Haze (solo split EP I did with Umber)
Limited cassette now back in. [buy here]

Shimmer (old solo album)
CD available [buy here]

Bradford Telephone Exchange (latest solo album)
Ltd. ed CDs now in. [buy here]

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