Friday, December 3, 2021

2021 release roundup

As I don't think any more satan is coming out this year, although various labels still have various things of mine in various pipelines, I don't think they'll be seeing the light of day before the end of December. It's the annual 'satan clears his schedule for the end of the year, but nothing happens' curse that afflicted me last year too. Oh well. Sometimes these things can't be helped.

Anyway, here's a big ol' list of the records and remixes I had out this year:


An Tiaracht (track, taken from a split with Charlie Coxedge on This Is It Forever) [here]

Providence (album, Box Records) [here]

Circles I (mini-album, Shimmering Moods) [here]

Live From The Studio, 2021 (live recording, self-released) [here]

Circles II (mini-album, Shimmering Moods) [here]

Der Hammer (track, taken from Hawk Moon Records' charity compilation) [here]

You Care Because I Do (track, taken from the end of year compilation on This Is It Forever) [here]


The Anchoress - Show Your Face (Kscope) [here]

Christina Giannone - Telepathy (Past Inside The Present) [here]

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