Friday, September 4, 2020

The Vault

 Hi all,

As you might be aware, it’s Bandcamp Friday today - the day where Bandcamp very kindly waives it’s fees, so that bands and artists can make a little bit more cash.

To celebrate this in the past, I’ve done sales ranging from ‘banging up loads of old merch I was saving for tour’, to ‘slamming everything down to a quid’, but for today I thought I’d hit you with something a little more special.

You might’ve heard me going on about The Vault fairly recently, which was a near-mythical folder of tons of unreleased satan stuff, made from 2016-2019. It used to contain about 20 or so tracks, but after 3 years of releases, it’s been whittled down somewhat since then.

Well, I thought what better way to draw a line under the past than to think ‘sod it, I’ll just release what’s left of it’, and what better time than now to do it.

So, here you go - 4 tracks, 30 or so minutes, all lovingly mastered by Kris Ilic (aka Lowering)

The Vault.


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