Friday, September 1, 2023

Clouds rolling on and nobody remembering anything

Well it's Bandcamp Friday, so I thought I'd celebrate by releasing a new worriedaboutsatan album. It's a little ambient tape I put together, comprised mainly of treated guitars, with the odd synth and piano in there for good measure. It was all made by using the Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal I use live a lot, and then cutting up the resulting drone using the Boss Slicer SL-2 pedal to make these jittery rhythms. Bass, piano and synth I just played over the top once I'd gotten the bones of each track down.

After a bit of a breakneck 2023, I thought it would be nice to sort of come down a bit and take things a little bit easier with this one. I went back to my roots, and made up 20 tapes, each with unique packaging. There's a different postcard fragment on each cover, and the text is in a different font each time - doesn't sound like a big deal, but it fits in with the overarching theme of time passing and no-one being able to remember quite exactly how something happened. I found some old postcards in a charity shop, then cut them up and burned the edges of each one to make the covers - sounds fun, but very nearly passed out each time I had to burn something, despite me doing it outside as I knew the fumes would be quite intense. Lol.

The 20 tapes in all their glory

It was nice to go back to that old style of releasing - just getting something together and putting it out without thinking too much about it. There's also a video up of a track called 'And All of a Sudden, it was 2004', which is made up of home videos I used to make around that time with a really shitty digital camera I had. The track itself is a real throwback to that old post-rock sound from the early 00s that I used to absolutely love. It was really nice to revisit that sort of stuff and make a little love letter to it, so I hope you enjoy it:


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