Wednesday, July 26, 2023

End of year mini tour

Did someone say 'gigs'? 

Well, I'm hoping a few of you did, as I'm on the road again towards the end of the year. 

These shows will be a little different though, as the live setup will be back to a two piece for the forseeable. No, no random guest stars, or previous members doing a Spinal Tap and sprinting back onstage to rock out, no - it'll be my lovely significant other, Sophie Green (she played with Her name is Calla, The Anchoress, Maybeshewill, and I'm sure some more I'm forgetting!) joining me onstage to play violin with me.

"But Gavin, isn't your set really banging?" - good question, and one I can answer by saying that no, it's way more ambient now. After the tour in May, I got home and basically scrapped the live set as it was, and built it back up again from scratch, making it focus way more on the drifty, ambient side of things. It'll still have those big ol' bass hits, and those skittering drums, don't you worry about that, but they'll be slotted around everything else. 

I'm well hyped for this, it's honestly the best the set has ever sounded, and can't wait to get out and play. The dates so far are:

16th September: Five Rise Records, Bingley (a free in-store, this one!) [details]

12th October: Nan Moor's, Todmorden (w/ Field Lines Cartographer) [tickets]

14th October: The Triangle, Shipley (w/ Field Lines Cartographer) [tickets]

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