Thursday, May 12, 2022

Tour snaps

Just had a roll of film come back with some snaps from the recent Bloodsport tour back in March...

Was an unusually beautiful day in Shipley for the gig at The Triangle

Here's basically all the gear I use for the live show

Quite proud of this one lol

Round the back of Wharf Chambers in Leeds.

Trying to look cool, but just look tired

Above the random buildings at Tebay services, en route to Glasgow

The only shot I managed to get in Glasgow: after the gig, in the car park

On the way home, somewhere outside of Skipton, stuck in mad traffic

Loading the car up in less than ideal conditions, on the way to London

Saltaire with some spring snow (as you do)

The always reliable Servant Jazz Quarters in London

The last copy of Bloodsport, on display downstairs at SJQ in London

Me, looking a bit worse for wear (no idea what my hair is doing) once back from London

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