Tuesday, April 7, 2020

dawn edit

Hi everyone.

In about a month, there'll be a new satan album out and about. It's called Time Lapse, and was written pretty quickly over the tail-end of summer last year. It was the first one finished on my own since EP1 back in 2006, so it represents something quite special personally speaking.

Anyway, the music business requires various things, and one of those is edits. Now, whipping down 10+ minutes of eerie, slow churning electronica into something like a 3/4 minute chunk is not an easy thing to do, so when I was asked to do that exact thing, I did what I do best: made way more work for myself. This time, I suggested that instead of having to cut up and speed it up (which is what usually happens when you have to do these things), I'd do another version of it completely.

'Dawn' was the first track to be fully completed for the album, back before I knew Time Lapse was even going to be an album - I started by just making some stuff as a cathartic way of doing something. I chose this one as it has some really nice layers, which I had a lot of fun peering into with my editing hat on. I focused on other bits of the track this time, and took a lot of things out, so it sounds way dreamier than the original. Fun fact: the edit ends the way the original starts, so if you line them up, you'll get a really weird 'mega version' of the track. Or don't, it's up to you.

Anyway, here it is - the 'ambient', or alternative version of Dawn:

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